Thanks For The Memories

It is very difficult when someone you love dies. One of the things that may be hard for you is that you may miss that person a lot. It may be hard not seeing the person anymore, and not being able to do the things that you enjoyed doing with them. Now that Thanksgiving is coming up, you may be missing the person that died even more.
​You may also wonder what you even have to be thankful for when the person you love is not here anymore and you are missing them so much. But guess what? Even though the person is not here with you, there are still ways you can keep that person close to your heart. Shut your eyes.

​Think about the person who died and picture how they looked. Think about all the things you loved about that person. Think about all the things you enjoyed doing with that person.
​Now open your eyes. Draw some boxes on a large piece of paper, then draw a big heart. In some of the boxes write about the things you are thankful for that you did with the person. In some of the boxes write about being thankful for the things they did that showed you they loved you.

You can also write what you loved about them. The memories of the things that you did with the person that died, the love they felt for you, and the love you felt for them, still live inside your heart. You can then cut out the boxes. Then cut out the heart.
Then you can paste the boxes onto the heart. After pasting the boxes inside the heart, fold the heart in half. (You can also fold some of the boxes so they can all fit in the heart).
Now whenever you want to you can take out the heart, open it up, and you can think about the memories you made with them, and how much you loved them and they loved you. Whatever is inside your heart, can never be taken away from you. It is also important to remember that even though you may be feeling lots of difficult feelings on Thanksgiving or any upcoming holidays or events, you can also feel thankful for the love and memories in your heart at the same time. The difficult feelings don’t take away the good feelings.

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